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Tactical Aid and Collaboration Toolset (TACT™)

From the Defense Group Inc. developers of CoBRA.

Based on national guidance and training for Crisis Negotiation Teams, the TACT™ solution provides specific collaboration tools and data sets. TACT™ assists the tactical and crisis negotiation team in management of hostage and barricade incidents, kidnappings, suicides, and more.


TACT™ gives you the right information, from the right people,
in the right format ... Right now.

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  • TACT™ consists of negotiation aides, a digital situation board, chat, tools for the coach and the primary negotiator

  • Connect a throw phone and record and exchange audio, video, and pictures with the tactical team and offsite team members

  • Quickly collect intel reports from team members offsite, building complete situational awareness

  • Collaboration at your fingertips. Every response team member is connected by a suite of collaboration tools including call recording, interactive situation board, chat, and more

  • Communicate important incident information without breaking radio silence

  • Available for PC, Web, and Blackberry/iPhone/Android

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  • Incident Manager
  • Sticky Notes
  • Documents
  • Timers Tool
  • Log & Chat
  • Personal Status
  • Team Status
  • Situation Board
  • Scrolling Info Ticker
  • Recorder Tool
  • Image Tool
  • Explosives Tool
  • Crisis Communications Guide
  • Alerts Tool
  • NIMS Forms

TACT is a part of Defense Group Inc.

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